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Sulapac 04.06.2018 4 min

Fazer beginning co-operation with Sulapac

The aim is to develop new responsible packaging solutions for foodstuffs

Fazer and Sulapac have begun collaborating, with the aim of researching, developing and testing plastic-free, biodegradable packaging solutions for foodstuffs. The cooperation started in May. It supports Fazer’s strategy and objective of becoming a responsible, modern food company that seeks to reduce the use of plastic with the help of new technologies. Fazer will start by launching a confectionery gift box for Christmas 2018 that uses a Sulapac solution.

Fazer is constantly studying new packaging options and working to reduce the amount of packaging materials – and especially plastic – used in its product packaging. It is impossible to eliminate packaging altogether in the food industry. Packaging, for the time being including plastic packaging, is needed to protect the products, to ensure the safety of foodstuffs, to increase the shelf life and ultimately help to reduce food waste, and to provide product information to consumers. “Fazer is actively involved in discussions on recycling and re-use of packaging waste, as well as the development of new kinds of environmentally friendly packaging solutions,” says Nina Elomaa, Corporate Responsibility Director of the Fazer Group.

Sulapac Oy is a young Finnish growth company that develops fully biodegradable packaging materials and solutions that contain no microplastics. Sulapac® is an award-winning packaging innovation made from wood chips and natural, biodegradable binders. The wood chips come from forests under sustainable management. Fazer wants to help to develop the Sulapac® packaging material to the next level, also for food packaging, and to be the first food company using this unique innovation in its packages.

Through this new cooperation, Fazer will support Sulapac’s research and development into food packaging. “Fazer can offer strong consumer and food expertise to interesting startups. Entrepreneurship is a natural part of Fazer, a company that has scaled up over 126 years from the innovative business idea of a single business owner to the leading producer of food and food services in the Baltic region”, says Päivi Juolahti, head ofFazer Lab, Fazer’s research and innovation unit.

“Collaborating with Fazer is an excellent opportunity to develop and learn together. It also shows that we can meet extremely demanding quality requirements. We will start with premium products, but the aim is to make Sulapac material available for all consumers around the world”, says Suvi Haimi, CEO and founder of Sulapac.

Fazer wants to reform the food sector and to promote more extensive and transparent cooperation with universities, companies in different areas, and new startups. An ecosystem that produces innovations promotes renewal of the food sector and provides new entrepreneurs with opportunities for growth, collaboration and networking.


Premium products can also be responsible

Sulapac’s packaging innovation enables a variety of design solutions along with leading-edge design. Fazer and Sulapac are aiming to create gift packaging for Fazer’s premium products that combine sustainable development with a hint of luxury.

The current plan is that consumers will get their first taste of the cooperation between Fazer and Sulapac when Fazer launches assorted confectionery in biodegradable packaging that contains no microplastics.


Further information (Sulapac):

Suvi Haimi
CEO, Founder, Sulapac
+358 (0)44 029 1203

Further information (Fazer):

Fazer’s media phone line is open Mon–Fri from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., tel. +358 40 668 2998
Email address format:
Päivi Juolahti, Head of Fazer Lab, tel. +358 40 7033480
Liisa Eerola, Director, Confectionery Communications and Group Partnerships, tel. +358 44 710 8860

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Sulapac is a fully biodegradable material made of renewable and sustainable raw materials. Sulapac products are designed for brands that want to eliminate plastic waste and demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability using premium ecological material. The company was founded in 2016 by Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen and is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Fazer is an international family-owned company offering quality bakery, confectionery, biscuit and grain products, plant-based meals, non-dairy products, on-the-go food & drinks as well as food and café services. Fazer’s mission is Food with a purpose. The Group operates in eight countries and exports to around 40 countries. Fazer’s success, ever since its establishment in 1891, has been based on the best product and service quality, beloved brands, the passion of its skilful people and the Group’s responsible ways of working. In 2017, Fazer Group had net sales of 1.6 billion euros and 15,000 employees. Fazer’s operations comply with ethical principles that are based on the Group’s values and the UN Global Compact. Makes the world taste good.

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