Strive for sustainability without compromises

Sulapac is the optimal material for brands striving for sustainability without compromises on high quality and aesthetics. With successful migration tests and excellent oxygen barrier properties, Sulapac is the go-to solution for both supplements, such as capsules or tablets, and dry food, including candy, sugar or spices. Sulapac materials are food contact compliant and leave no persistent microplastics or toxic substances behind, meaning the products and packaging stay safe for people and the planet throughout their life cycle.


Sustainability made easy

Sulapac is processable with existing plastic converting machinery. Continue working with your current manufacturing partner while simply replacing conventional plastic with Sulapac. You can also opt for ready-made packaging, available from our trusted partners. Which ever you choose, switching to Sulapac is easy.

Sulapac materials for supplements

Sulapac® materials can be used with existing injection molding machinery, enabling a resource efficient transition towards a cleaner future.

Material comparison chart

Compare the technical properties of Sulapac materials and find the optimal grade for your needs.


How to get started?

Our experts are happy to support you in choosing the right material and cooperate with your converter to ensure a smooth transition to sustainable Sulapac. To learn more about manufacturing with Sulapac, click here.

If you are looking for ready-made packaging, explore the offering by our trusted partners.

Ready-made packaging for dry food and supplements

Purchase sustainable supplement and dry food packaging directly from our trusted partners with extensive industry experience. Click below to explore their offerings.

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Sulapac is the perfect fit for sustainability driven brands with emphasis on quality and design.

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Replace conventional plastic with the beautiful, functional and sustainable Sulapac material. We will help you to make the switch smoothly.