The more plastic is replaced with sustainable material alternatives, the better for people and the planet. With Sulapac it’s better for your business too.

When partnering with Sulapac you will set the new standards for your industry: Sulapac positions you in the forefront of sustainability and innovation. It allows you stand out from the competition with aesthetics and functionality – and invites your customers on an inspiring journey towards a cleaner future.

“Sulapac is one of our X factors and gives us a competitive advantage”

– Adrien Chassaing, CEO and Co-founder of Suplemint

Sustainable products at scale

Sulapac materials are designed to replace conventional plastics in a variety of applications. The switch from conventional plastic to manufacturing with sustainable Sulapac is easy and economic: Sulapac materials fit existing plastic converting machinery and have excellent processability. Our experienced team makes sure that the transition is as smooth as possible and the go-to-market successful.

Sustainable materials for various manufacturing technologies

The Sulapac portfolio includes sustainable materials for injection molding, extrusion, 3D printing and thermoforming.

Material comparison chart

Compare the technical properties of Sulapac materials and find the optimal grade for your needs.


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Trusted by leading luxury brands and industry trailblazers around the world

Have a look what our customers are already manufacturing with Sulapac and get inspired.

Filament for 3D printing by GEHR

ECO-FIL-A-GEHR WOOD is a sustainable premium filament for professional 3D printing with natural appearance, high dimensional stability, and great elastic properties. Made with Sulapac Flow 1.7 material, it is the only wood filament in the market suitable for food contact applications.

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Jewelry by Papu Design

The first ever jewelry collection made of 100% bio-based Sulapac Universal.

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Supplement packaging by Suplemint

Sulapac Premium gives a beautiful, natural appearance for Suplemint’s weekly pill organizer emphasizing the company’s bio-based approach and bringing competitive advantage for the brand.

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New-generation lid by Chanel

The innovative lid material developed for Chanel’s new beauty range is one example of our on-going collaboration which demonstrates Sulapac’s ability to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

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Measuring cup by Kåska

Bio-based, lightweight and locally produced were highlighted features when Low alcohol drinks company Kåska chose Sulapac for their one of a kind measuring cup.

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Pet urns by Karhumuovi

The idea behind the Naturn per urn is to “cause as little stress for the environment as possible throughout the product lifecycle” which makes Sulapac Universal the perfect material choice.

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Why change to Sulapac?

There’s a dozen of good reasons why companies around the world are manufacturing with Sulapac. These are some of the most common drivers:

✔ The Bio-based* yet fully functional Sulapac® allows you to transition from oil-based raw materials to renewable content without compromising user experience.

✔ With its unique look and feel – even sound, Sulapac helps to wow your customers and stand out from the competition.

✔ Sulapac is a way to reduce your carbon footprint**

✔ With Sulapac you fight plastic pollution: Sulapac leaves no permanent microplastics or toxic load behind.***

✔ Sulapac taps you into the circular economy: it is bio-based, recyclable and industrially compostable. On top of that, it’s made with recycled content.****

*From 72% up to 100%, depending on the material grade. USDA certified biobased product. **0,09 kg CO2eq/kg for Sulapac Universal (Critically reviewed cradle-to-gate LCA,including biogenic carbon, performed by an independent third-party consultancy.) *** Biodegradation, ecotoxicity and threshold values for heavy metals tested according to EN13432. Biodegradation of 58-74 % in 462 days in the marine environment ASTM D6691(86oF/30oC). Not considered biodegradable in California.**** Suitability for both mechanical and chemical recycling has been proven by independent third parties. The compostability has been tested according to EN 13432 and ASTM D6400. BPI and Seedling certification status depending on the material grade.

Sulapac’s design principle is to mimic nature. Their materials don’t release permanent microplastics and their carbon footprint is lower compared to traditional plastics made of virgin, oil-based raw materials. Importantly, the beautiful visible wooden chips and the ceramic feel make products made of Sulapac stand out. Its aesthetics is a competitive differentiator.

– Alex Takashiba, Director of Business Strategy Planning, Industrial Materials Buisiness Unit at Nissha

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Materials designed like nature

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