New LES EAUX DE CHANEL fragrance bottle with a sustainable SULAPAC cap on top

This is the first product launch of our collaboration as part of a long-term approach that puts sustainability at the center of CHANEL research and development.

Green People



The finest fair, organic, vegan cosmetics in elegant, compostable Sulapac packaging

i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN, winner of the German Sustainability Award 2019 and 2020, chose eco-friendly Sulapac packaging for their Deo Cream.

“The compostable Sulapac material not only scores with numerous benefits to the environment but features multiple design options at the same time. We call that a fun and beautiful way to live more sustainably.”

RDP Skincare

Forest Spa Finland


Vegan perfumery brand MAAR chose Sulapac for their the new cosmetic product, Face Night Balm

“Sustainability is key at MAAR. Sulapac enabled us to offer a skincare product in a nice design packaging made from compostable material.”

Al Bayader

Eco-friendly Fun Gaïa cutlery made of Sulapac material

Al Bayader, a leading manufacturer and supplier of food packaging solutions, chose Sulapac® material for their eco-friendly cutlery. These products can be found in Carrefour, Waitrose, Spinneys, and Amazon in the United Arab Emirates.

Fine wood chips give Fun Gaïa cutlery a unique natural look. Furthermore, their usability is superior compared to other sustainable alternatives. Fun Gaïa cutlery is safe to use with all kinds of food items – and it is safe for our planet. Like all products made of Sulapac, Fun Gaïa cutlery biodegrades without leaving permanent microplastics behind.


A piece of history wrapped up in the future.

An iconic Finnish food brand Fazer launched a compostable praline box for the Christmas sales 2019. The beautiful 200ml packaging with Fazer’s embossed logo on the top is made of Seedling certified Sulapac® Premium material. The product was sold out in few days after the launch.

Seven Trees

Korpikuusikon Hunaja

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co.


Plants are Purple

Natural cosmetics with environmentally friendly packaging

“Sulapac is a wood-based packaging material that biodegrades without leaving permanent microplastics behind. This way, we minimize our ecological footprint and do not put more waste into this world. For your conscience, for your environment, for your future!”


Sustainable packaging completed Innerbark’s eco conscious skincare brand

Take a look how we helped to create the perfect eco-friendly cosmetic packaging for ‘I Body by Innerbark’.

Meadow Skincare



High-quality, organic tattoo aftercare

Manik Skincare chose Sulapac’s sustainable packaging solutions for their organic tattoo aftercare products. They found real value in being able to avoid any harm to the environment.


An international provider of packaging solutions to the beauty industry.

Since December 2019 Quadpack has been our Preferred Global Cosmetics Packaging Partner offering the Sulapac® Nordic Collection products and customizable solutions to beauty brands worldwide.

Niki Newd

Luoto Cosmetics



Long lasting beauty with strong commitment to sustainability

The Finnish jewellery and silverware company Kultakeskus won the respected Worldstar Award with the beautiful Kohinoor jewelry box made of Sulapac®.

Guardian of the Ocean



Õrn Kuu

Facial serum that restores skin’s vitality and protects us against environmental damage

“We play our part towards a circular economy and work very hard to eliminate waste. Sulapac is our natural material of choice for our jars.”

Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm

Hand-made, locally grown organic skin care products and herbs

Okanagan Lavender was the first company in the North America to introduce Sulapac® jars to their customers. Sulapac echos their commitment to provide products that are “better for the body, earth and soul”.


Stora Enso & Sulapac

Superior sustainable straw

Sulapac straws don’t get soggy like paper straws. Yet, they biodegrade without leaving permanent microplastics behind. Developed together with Stora Enso.


Kolme Cosmetics


Alpine Shrine Skincare

Leader foods

Vida Kuulas – The first in the world food supplement range packed in Sulapac

Leader Foods is leading the way in sustainability with its plant-based food supplement range packed in 100% biobased containers. Vida Kuulas products are currently available in Finland in selected health and eco-stores.

Hauhau Miumau

Unisto for Winterhilfe Schweiz

Little Red