New LES EAUX DE CHANEL fragrance bottle with a sustainable SULAPAC cap on top

This is the first product launch of our collaboration as part of a long-term approach that puts sustainability at the center of CHANEL research and development.


N°1 de CHANEL – new range of beauty innovation

The new N°1 de CHANEL combines skincare, makeup and a fragrance mist. Its eco-design packaging includes sustainable Sulapac material.

“Faithful to the House of CHANEL’s exacting standards, every detail was considered at length including the sensory quality of the material; its resistance to heat variations; the unique sound of the jar closing; how it feels in the hand; and the depth of the matte satin finish engraved with the iconic double C.”

Schwan Cosmetics

TheBetterBarrel by Schwan Cosmetics made with Sulapac

This is the first sustainable color cosmetic pencils that don’t sacrifice quality, performance, or style.

“Through our collaboration with Sulapac, we aren’t just creating an innovative product for our clients, we’re also investing in a more sustainable future for the cosmetics industry.” – Dr. Alexander Doll, Head of Research and Development, Schwan Cosmetics


Shiseido’s new brand Ulé chose Sulapac

The full range contains lids made with sustainable Sulapac materials. Ulé also utilized the Sulapac Barrier innovation, the world’s first material for water-based products that biodegrades without leaving permanent microplastics behind.

The BIRD Collective

Sulapac straws in St. Regis, Four Seasons Resort and Caesars Palace

Luxury hotels St. Regis, Four Seasons Resort and Caesars Palace in Dubai have chosen premium sustainable Sulapac straws that don’t get soggy supplied by Bird Collaborative.

“We all need to focus on sustainability. Using alternatives to conventional plastic for everyday products are an easy starting point.” – Raja Zeidan, General Manager at St. Regis Downtown Dubai

“We are really proud of our partnership with Sulapac, they offer the best alternatives to traditional plastic backed by science and sustainable innovation.” – Nabil Mhanna, Founder at BIRD Collective

Al Bayader

Eco-friendly Fun Gaïa cutlery made of Sulapac material

Al Bayader, a leading manufacturer and supplier of food packaging solutions, chose Sulapac® material for their eco-friendly cutlery. These products can be found in Carrefour, Waitrose, Spinneys, and Amazon in the United Arab Emirates.

Fine wood chips give Fun Gaïa cutlery a unique natural look. Furthermore, their usability is superior compared to other sustainable alternatives. Fun Gaïa cutlery is safe to use with all kinds of food items – and it is safe for our planet. Like all products made of Sulapac, Fun Gaïa cutlery biodegrades without leaving permanent microplastics behind.



Plàstics Torner



Foosh Beauty

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