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Billions of disposable straws are consumed every week, and unfortunately, many of them end up in the wrong place. We say, skip the straw, but if you use one, choose a truly sustainable alternative.

A straw designed like nature

Sulapac straws don’t get soggy and can be used for up to 24 hours. What’s more, like the best parties, they won’t last forever. Sulapac straws biodegrade without leaving permanent microplastics behind. Cheers to the future!

Business or pleasure?

Either way, we got you covered. You can order ready-made straws for your business or personal use; or mass produce our drop-in solution material with the existing plastic machinery. Please choose how to proceed.

Key features of the Sulapac straw




1. USDA BioPreferred certification in progress. The current estimate of renewable material content is 69,4%. 2. Made of wood chips and biopolymers. Biodegradation of 58,8% at 252 days in the marine environment (86ºF/30ºC, ASTM D6691) and 83% at 195 days in home compost (82ºF/28ºC, ASTM D5988). 3. The material is not considered harmful to aquatic organisms nor to cause long-term adverse effects in the environment. Ecotoxicity and threshold values for heavy metals tested. EU and FDA food contact requirements approved. 4. Our wood originates from certified forests. We always follow our strict Policy for Sustainable Sourcing. 5. The compostability has been tested and verified according to EN 13432/ASTM D6400. BPI certification in progress. Guidelines may differ regionally. Please check the details from your local waste management authority. 

The science behind this innovation

Deep dive into our material features and learn about the scientific criteria and validation behind our statements.
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Partnering with the best

The mass-producible Sulapac Straw has been developed together with Stora Enso, a leading provider of renewable solutions (Nasdaq, €10bn revenue, 2017). The commercial solution combines Sulapac’s unique material recipe and technology with Stora Enso’s experience in industrial operations and global market reach.



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All the specs you need

For more detailed information including order quantities and material properties, please download the product data sheet.


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Replace conventional plastic with the beautiful, functional and sustainable Sulapac material. We will help you to make the switch smoothly.