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Noora Nylanden 04.12.2020 3 min

Naturn Riite – designed with clean lines and environment in mind

Naturn Riite is a beautiful and environmentally friendly pet urn designed and manufactured in Finland. The urn is made from Sulapac Universal material and has a low carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly pet urn made of Sulapac Universal material

Naturn Riite pet urn is a great example of the diverse application possibilities of Sulapac materials. It represents minimalistic Finnish design and environmentally conscious product development. Naturn urns are manufactured in Pori by the Finnish injection molding company Karhumuovi.

“The idea behind Naturn was to create a collection of urns that are easy to use and that would cause as little stress for the environment as possible throughout the product lifecycle”, says Marko Bryggare, CEO at Karhumuovi.

Naturn urns are manufactured energy-efficiently using the latest manufacturing technology from the 100% bio-based Sulapac Universal material. All extra material generated in production gets collected and is reused in the manufacture of urns.

The raw materials of Sulapac Universal are wood harvested from sustainably managed certified Nordic forests, and biodegradable biopolymers. The wood comes from industrial side streams. Thanks to the choice of material, lightweight structure, and smart production process, the Naturn urn’s carbon footprint is small.

The urn is often placed on a visible place in the pet owner’s home and it should reflect respect and gratitude for the late animal friend. This is why the form, look and feel of the Naturn urns have been carefully thought-out down to the smallest detail.

“The number one reason for choosing Sulapac was the materials’ eco-friendliness. However, the beautiful, natural appearance was also an important factor – it supports our aesthetic requirements in a perfect way”, Bryggare says.

Sulapac Universal is also an easy choice for an injection molding company, as it fits existing production lines with only minor adjustments needed.

Sometimes a pet owner wants to use the urn for burying, which is why the end-of-life properties of the urn material is a key consideration point. The preferred en-of-life option for Sulapac is recycling via industrial composting. However, it is designed to biodegrade also in open environments, and it doesn’t leave permanent microplastics or any harmful chemicals behind, which makes it an earth-friendly choice compared to the traditional urn materials.


If you’d like to know more about Naturn, visit their beautiful web site or contact them directly.

If you are interested in manufacturing with Sulapac, learn more about the material here.


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