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Noora Nylanden 15.05.2024 3 min

Nissha launches new Sulapac® cosmetics jar, made in Germany

Nissha strengthens its portfolio with a 50 ml jar made of biobased and compostable Sulapac material. The new German-made jar is ideal for water-based cosmetics and designed to minimize the environmental footprint of packaging.


Nissha, a technology leader in decorative molding and sustainable packaging, brings a 50 ml cosmetics container made of Sulapac® to the market. The new jar is part of Nissha’s ecosense molding product line-up which already includes a range of Sulapac® packaging for supplements, dry food, and cosmetics made in Germany and Japan.

The new ecosense molding 50 ml Sulapac® jar is targeted to European customers particularly. The production takes place in Germany at Nissha Advanced Technology GmbH enabling a more local approach. “Many European brands appreciate Nissha’s streamlined design and technical excellence, while demand for truly sustainable packaging solutions is growing due to legislative pressure, climate targets, and the shift in consumer mindset,” says Miranda Sutton, Sales Manager at Sulapac.

The jar has been developed following a ‘minimalistic design’ concept reflected in its elegant and simple appearance, as well as minimized material usage which contributes to a lower carbon footprint. The jar is suitable both for oil-based and water-based cosmetic formulas. Thanks to the advanced bi-injection technology, the Sulapac Barrier is seamlessly integrated into the jar providing effective protection against water evaporation, and humidity, while maintaining an elaborate, harmonious appearance.

The jars are available in various colors and different Sulapac® material grades. “From a natural look and feel with large, visible wood chips to a matt, smooth, ceramic-like finish, this jar caters to diverse tastes, much like nature itself,” explains Nils Wenzel, Sales Specialist at Nissha Europe. What is more, the lid is compatible with 51mm standard glass thread. “Now, also glass jar users can simply replace their current Bakelite, ABS, or metal closures with a more sustainable option,” Wenzel points out.

Nissha’s collaboration with Sulapac, the award-winning material innovation company, started in 2020 and is one of Nissha’s key activities regarding its sustainable growth strategy. “Together with Sulapac, we can expand our business while being mindful of our environmental impact,” Wenzel says.

“Our long-term partnership is driven by a common goal: we are set to transform the industry one packaging at a time while helping our customers to turn sustainability into a competitive advantage,” Sutton concludes.

The jar is available directly from Nissha and via APG Europe.


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Nils Wenzel
Sales Specialist, Nissha Europe GmbH
+49 6196 96 7310



Yoshihiro Nii
Director, New Business Development, Nissha Europe GmbH
+49 6196 96 7310

Noora Nyländen
Director, Marketing and Communications, Sulapac
+358 40 849 5286


Nissha Co.,Ltd. offers sustainable packaging solutions under ‘ecosense molding’ brand utilizing our extensive experience in plastic injection molding with surface decorations. With Nissha’s Sustainability Vision, we aim to achieve reduction of CO2 emissions by 30% in 2030 (compared to 2020) towards a carbon-neutral by 2050. Nissha Group, founded in 1929, has 48 bases around the world with three key business units – Industrial Materials, Devices, and Medical Technologies. With its global network, Nissha offers a one-stop solution from full production and local customer support.


Sulapac Ltd is an award-winning material innovation company bringing solutions to the global plastic crisis. By replacing conventional plastic with sustainable, beautiful, and functional Sulapac materials, companies can reduce their carbon footprint, eliminate microplastic pollution, and advance the circular economy. The Helsinki-based company was founded by three scientists in 2016 and serves customers across various industries on three continents. Investors behind Sulapac®, the patented material innovation, include CHANEL and Sky Ocean Ventures.

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