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Elina Holley 19.08.2021 3 min

Sulapac among WIRED UK’s 100 hottest startups for the 3rd time – Sustainability becoming increasingly beneficial for business

Wired UK has listed Sulapac among the 100 hottest startups in Europe again in 2021. The long-term interest towards Sulapac is further proof that sustainability and circular economy are no longer mere buzzwords – they are concrete building blocks for business growth.

For over 10 years, WIRED UK has actively sought out the most interesting startups in Europe. A media covering the effects of technology on culture, business, science and design, WIRED UK emphasized circular economy and sustainability in their 2021 hottest startups selection criteria.


Persistent focus on sustainability pays off

Sulapac’s uncompromising mission to save the world from plastic waste has made waves in recent years. Along with Sifted, backed by the Financial Times, picking Sulapac among the 100 startups to watch in the Nordics describing us “one of the most exciting alternative packaging startups out there” earlier this year, WIRED UK ranked Sulapac in the top 100 startups in Europe last week.

This is the third time in four years WIRED UK has given this recognition to Sulapac. Sulapac’s co-founder Dr. Suvi Haimi is understandably proud of the achievement: “The fact that we keep getting accolades is down to our vision and persistence. Even though we already collaborate with super brands, such as Chanel, our journey has only just begun. We have a lot to offer in fighting the growing microplastics problem.”

Circular economy and sustainability drive new innovations

As international treaties and national policies drive companies towards a fossil fuel-free and carbon neutral future, the demand for alternative solutions is rapidly rising. At the same time, consumers are switching to environmentally friendly alternatives. These developments create serious business opportunities for companies that enable more sustainable lifestyles.

Young innovators and entrepreneurs are increasingly aware of environmental matters. Whereas ten years ago success was mainly measured by personal wealth, there are clear signs that the new generation of startup founders are genuinely focused on tackling environmental problems.

Sustainability has become a megatrend that penetrates the whole economy from public investments to private startup funding rounds.

Time to go sustainable is now

Sulapac’s mission to save the world from plastic waste offers almost endless possibilities to companies seeking sustainable packacking and material solutions.

“Alternatives to fossil fuel-based conventional plastic products, are in high demand. The next step is to ensure that the alternatives are truly environmentally friendly. We at Sulapac believe that in this new business environment, where people genuinely want to make a difference, the winners will be the ones that are constantly looking for ways to save our planet,” Haimi concludes.

Are you ready to hop on the sustainability bandwagon? Contact us and we’ll show you how to delight your customers with beautiful and functional materials that will not leave permanent microplastics behind.

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Want to dig deeper into the microplastics problem and our solution to it? Read our blog on defining plastics.

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