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Noora Nylanden 08.04.2024 3 min

Sulapac and Measurlabs work together to ensure materials are free from “forever chemicals”

Leading Nordic biobased material innovation company Sulapac takes material safety seriously. Selection of their materials are proactively screened for toxic PFAS compounds beyond regulatory requirements to ensure consumers are not exposed to these so-called “forever chemicals”. 

Staying one step ahead of upcoming regulations 

PFAS have been linked to various detrimental health effects, such as an increased risk of cancer and birth defects. As a result, governments around the world have passed legislation to limit the use of PFOA, PFOS, and other high-profile compounds within the group.  

More comprehensive restrictions have also been proposed. Most recently, New Zealand decided to ban all PFAS in cosmetics from 2026 onwards. A restriction encompassing over 10,000 PFAS compounds has also been proposed in Europe but may not pass due to industry pressure.  

While wide-ranging PFAS restrictions are yet to take effect, Sulapac has decided to screen materials for a wider range of compounds than currently mandated by law.

“The materials we produce are used in contact with food and cosmetics, both of which can be easily contaminated and subsequently expose people to harmful chemicals. We firmly believe that minimizing the presence of PFAS and other pollutants – also beyond what is strictly required by law – is central to consumer safety and material sustainability,” says Sulapac co-founder and QA & RA director Laura Tirkkonen-Rajasalo. 

Demonstrably PFAS-free products 

Measurlabs has helped Sulapac ensure their materials are PFAS-free by offering accredited laboratory testing for several material recipes over the past few years. During the most recent testing round, cups and straws made of Sulapac Solid and Sulapac Flow 1.7 respectively were screened for 40+ PFAS compounds, none of which were detected.

Not only do Sulapac’s materials pass current EU regulations on PFAS, but they also show no signs of containing additional compounds not yet covered by EU legislation, says Measurlabs’ chemical testing expert Meeri Rantanen.

In addition to targeted PFAS testing of individual compounds, Measurlabs regularly offers Sulapac total organic fluorine (TOF) analyses. TOF is a useful indicator for the combined presence of PFAS, as performing targeted PFAS screening for 10,000+ compounds is technically unfeasible. Testing is not a legal requirement but further contributes to Sulapac’s goal of producing PFAS-free materials. 

“Testing for total fluorine content now helps ensure compliance with future PFAS bans before they take effect – while also maximizing product safety here and now,” Tirkkonen-Rajasalo states.



Measurlabs is a Finnish company that combines the testing services of over 900 laboratories into a single service. They offer testing for a wide range of products and materials, including consumer goods, food, environmental samples, and packaging materials. 

Sulapac Ltd is an award-winning material innovation company bringing solutions to the global plastic crisis. By replacing conventional plastic with sustainable, beautiful, and functional Sulapac materials, companies can reduce their carbon footprint, eliminate microplastic pollution, and advance the circular economy. The Helsinki-based company was founded by three scientists in 2016 and serves customers across various industries on three continents. Investors behind Sulapac®, the patented material innovation, include CHANEL and Sky Ocean Ventures. 

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