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Sulapac 10.11.2017 2 min

Sulapac from Finland wins Europe’s first founder’s prize for the circular economy

Eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging receives the Green Alley Award 2017

Finnish start-up Sulapac® is the winner of the 2017 Green Alley Award, Europe’s first founder’s prize for start-ups in the circular economy. In total, six finalists from Germany, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, and France presented themselves in live pitches to an international jury and audience. The prize for the winner Sulapac consists of cash and non-cash items valued at 30,000 euros.

“The decision was not an easy one, but we agreed on Sulapac in the end because of its huge impact on one of the biggest problems of our times – plastic waste. Sulapac has developed a high-quality material that meets the diverse challenges of today’s market. Just one year old, the start-up demonstrates how an idea can be successfully implemented and accelerated in a very short time. In Finland, for example, the cosmetics line Niki Newd is already using jars by Sulapac for its products. We see great potential in this packaging solution and look forward to seeing Sulapac on the shelves of local drugstores.” explains Jan Patrick Schulz, CEO of Landbell Group.

Earlier this week Sulapac won the Sustainable Beauty Awards, Sustainable Packaging category in Paris. In the early October Sulapac won the best green packaging solution at the LUXE PACK in Green Awards in Monaco.

“This autumn has been incredible, and we are truly honoured to receive these international recognitions,” celebrates the CEO Suvi Haimi. “Sulapac packages replace plastic with fully biodegradable patented solution. We have invested in designs and premium appearance to offer a truly interesting alternative to cosmetics and luxury brands.”

“Our packages are ecological and beautiful. Functionality is another key aspect. Sulapac packages resist water and oil and the material does not allow oxygen penetration. Our packages can be mass-produced using conventional equipment and in large volumes our price is competitive with plastics,” emphasises Suvi Haimi.

Sulapac was founded by Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen in 2016. The board members of the company include Juha Lindfors, Dirk Grijpma and Saara Kankaanrinta. In the beginning of the year Sulapac Ltd raised one million euros in funding.


For further information, please contact:
Suvi Haimi, CEO and Co-founder
+358 (0)44 029 1203


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