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Noora Nylanden 17.12.2020 2 min

Sulapac introduces a bendable version of its signature straw – Riitan Herkku as the first customer

Sulapac launches a bio-based and compostable U-shaped straw which is designed to reduce plastic pollution. The sustainable straw has been developed together with Stora Enso and is first offered to consumers by food manufacturer and importer Riitan Herkku.

Compostable U-shaped straw made from Sulapac

The novel U-shaped straw made of Sulapac Flow material is based on Sulapac’s patent pending material innovation. The main components are wood from industrial side streams and biodegradable biopolymers. The usability of the straw is excellent compared to paper straws.

“The first Sulapac straw, which was commercially launched in 2019, has received very positive feedback. It looks and feels different compared to any other straw in the market. Unlike paper straws, it doesn’t get soggy and can be used up to 24 hours”, says Suvi Haimi, Sulapac CEO.

“Thanks to the development of the bendable straw version, we can soon offer our sustainable and functional solution for a much wider customer base”, she continues.

The first company adopting the U-shaped Sulapac straws is the Finnish food manufacturer and importer Riitan Herkku, whose children’s organic juices will have the straw attached to them.

Finding an alternative for plastic straws that would fulfil all our criteria seemed like a mission impossible – until we tested the Sulapac straw. It has outstanding functional properties while also supporting our sustainability goals”, comments Marina Sabel, Managing Director at Riitan Herkku.

Drink packaging with U-shaped Sulapac straw

The straw complies with existing waste systems: it is recommended to recycle it via industrial composting. It doesn’t leave permanent microplastics behind. The straw is designed to biodegrade also in open environments, however, it should never be thrown into nature.

“Billions of plastic straws are produced and used every week having a severe impact on the global plastic waste problem. The bio-based and compostable Sulapac straw is a way to tackle this challenge and shift towards a more circular economy“, concludes Haimi.


Further information:

Suvi Haimi 

CEO, Sulapac

+358 44 029 1203


Marina Sabel

Managing Director, Riitan Herkku

+358 50 526 5357


Download images of the U-shaped straw


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