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Elina Holley 07.06.2022 5 min

Bio-based supplement packaging supports Suplemint’s vision

Suplemint produces highly dosed supplement cures that delight both people and the planet. With Sulapac packaging material, they ensure that their products are sustainable, beautiful and functional throughout.

Suplemint S-Box made with beautiful, functional and sustainable Sulapac material, like nature.

Supplements that meet people’s unique needs

In developed countries people have better living standards than ever before. A high standard of living has enabled people to focus on their health by using health apps and smart rings. Despite all the progress and focus on health, Suplemint made an observation that our organisms are still nutrient deficient.

“Stress, lack of sleep, pollution and low-quality food have created special nutritional needs that aren’t currently met by the supplement industry. Too often supplements are incorrect or too low doses, not personalized enough and untransparent. These challenges decrease their effectiveness. As each person has individual needs, the supplement industry should also reassess the one-size-fits-all approach,” says Maïté De Jaegher, COO and Co-founder at Suplemint.

Suplemint has developed tailored supplements that tackle various problems (sleep, stress, energy, immunity, gut, fertility, amo­­­ng others). Consequently, Suplemint offers its customers a much greater choice and helps them to find a cure that meets their specific needs. All of their supplements have been developed together with doctors, and they are made with high quality ingredients. “We wanted superior quality throughout our entire product range, from ingredients to final packaging”, says Adrien Chassaing, CEO and Co-founder at Suplemint.

Suplemint S-Box made with beautiful, functional and sustainable Sulapac material, like nature.

For Suplemint, the connection between nature and well-being has always been clear. As their ingredients come from natural resources, Suplemint understands the importance of protecting the planet: “Destroying natural ecosystems creates a vicious cycle, as it prevents us from living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying quality food / nutrient-rich food foodHaving a positive impact on the environment was thus a critical point for us when it came to choosing our packaging,” Maïté explains.

As Suplemint was looking for a sustainable European packaging solution, they discovered Sulapac and found a perfect match for their vision.

Packaging that benefits both people and the planet

Suplemint’s main reason for choosing Sulapac was the fact how well the packaging material and properties connected with Suplemint’s brand values.

  • Performance: Sulapac materials are both beautiful and functional. Consumers don’t have to make any compromises in usability or aesthetics.
  • Naturalness: Sulapac is bio-based and leaves no microplastics behind when it biodegrades.
  • Individuality: Sulapac supports Suplemint’s goal to offer products that are tailored to people’s unique needs.

Suplemint’s S-Box, a weekly pill organizer made of Sulapac material and divided into seven compartments, allows people to flexibly fulfil their medication and food supplement needs.

“We really wanted to offer practical options for different situations, whether people are going to the office, traveling or hitting the gym. The process to make the packaging as versatile as possible was very challenging, and Sulapac really went the extra mile with their efforts. Their professionalism and research-based approach really made an impression,” Adrien says.


Delighted customers and an enhanced brand image

The reception of S-Box has been overwhelmingly positive. A natural look and feel are an integral part of Suplemint’s social media, website and visual identity. It is important that the packaging also has the same vibe.

“In the food supplements industry, it’s crucial that every angle of the product conveys the feeling of health and vitality. The visible wood particles in the material give it a natural feel, which emphasizes our bio-based approach. Sulapac is one of our X factors and gives us a competitive advantage,” Adrien concludes.

Sulapac also appreciates Suplemint’s holistic approach on sustainability. The S-Box perfectly embodies Sulapac’s goals of promoting sustainability, functionality and beauty.

“We at Sulapac believe that nature knows best. Suplemint helps people lead a healthy lifestyle with their products. We are proud to support them in minimizing their ecological footprint,” says Suvi Haimi, CEO and Co-founder of Sulapac.


About Sulapac
Sulapac® is an award-winning, patented, bio-based alternative for conventional plastics. It accelerates a plastic waste-free future with sustainable materials that are beautiful and functional. Like nature. The Helsinki-based company was founded in 2016 by Dr. Suvi Haimi, Dr. Laura Tirkkonen-Rajasalo and Dr. Antti Pärssinen. Its investors include CHANEL and Sky Ocean Ventures. Sulapac was ranked one of Europe’s 100 hottest startups by WIRED UK in 2018, 2019 and 2021, and one of the Nordic startups to watch in 2021 by Sifted, backed by the Financial Times. Join the forerunners. Together we can save the world from plastic waste.

About Suplemint
Suplemint is a Belgian based health company specializing in highly dosed supplement cures. All of our cures are developed with medical experts, using high quality ingredients and come in a 100% bio-based packaging. We aim to solve different modern day challenges such as having higher energy, better immunity, healthier libido, easy breastfeeding, more sleep, a healthier gut, … The company was founded in 2020 by Adrien Chassaing, Maïté De Jaegher and Dr. Stéphane Résimont and currently sells products online and in pharmacies in Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. Our goal is to help people feel their best, most healthy selves, so they can enjoy life to the fullest.


Get to know Sulapac’s beautiful, functional and sustainable materials.

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