Explore Nissha’s beautiful and sustainable packaging made of 100% bio-based Sulapac® Universal and Premium materials. Available in any of the nine colors of the Sulapac color palette. Several advanced decoration techniques can be applied upon request. To find out more about Sulapac packaging for cosmetics, check our guide for cosmetics brands.

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7 ml

Minimalistic jar made of Sulapac® Universal material.

9 ml

Compact jar with rounded edges for a soft touch. Base can be made of either Sulapac® Premium or Universal material and lid only from Universal.

133 ml

Convenient and sleek jar made of Sulapac® Universal material.

150 ml

Versatile jar that can be made of Sulapac® Universal or Premium material both in matte or glossy surface finishes.

200 ml

A larger highly functional jar available in both Sulapac® Premium and Universal. It is possible to have the lid and base in different materials.

AVAILABLE SOON: 50 ml for emulsions

Minimalistic jar with premium quality. Two-layer structure ideal for water-based formulas, created with bi-injection molding technology. Designed and manufactured in Germany.