Incomplete regulation and lack of standards are no excuse to stop innovating

We are pioneers. We have created something entirely new, which means we often have to find our way through the wilderness without the road signs. – Suvi Haimi, CEO and co-founder of Sulapac

The standardization regarding new biomaterials is still under development, but we cannot afford to wait until it’s all set up. The world’s plastic waste crisis needs new sustainable solutions today. Sulapac® is ours. It is a more sustainable alternative to plastic, regardless where it ends up.

The uniqueness and eco-friendliness of Sulapac is based on a combination of characteristics including its microplastic-free formula, sustainably sourced raw materials, and compostability. For some of the features, e.g. ‘microplastic-free’, there is no certificate, standard or commonly adopted criteria, so we have created the criteria and validation scheme of our own. On this page we will share it all with you including the feature-specific documentation.

Integrity is one of our core values and being able to stand behind each and every one of our feature statements is fundamental for us. This is our way to demonstrate it.

Our approach

Our key features are based on European standards when an applicable standard exists. We use accredited, third-party test laboratories for verifying that the criteria in standards are met.

We also apply for the established international certificates when such are available. For example, we have the Seedling certificate for our Premium Plus material and we are in the process of obtaining it also for our other recipes.

Approach graph Approach graph

If there are no commonly adopted criteria for a specific feature, we develop the criteria based on related standards and scientific research. To some extent, scientific articles can also be used as a means to verify that the criteria set for a spesific feature have been met.

We are following closely the development of new standards relevant to Sulapac, and our clients, and participate in the discussions of the working groups preparing those. We constantly take the regulatory development into account in our R&D work.

We also want to highlight that we are committed to continuous learning and improvement, and believe that cooperation is key for the best possible outcome. With these words, we warmly welcome open discussion on our approaches.

Don't hesitate to contact one of our experts:

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Sustainability Director
+358 50 5956891
Tw: @maijapohjakalli

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LAURA TIRKKONEN-RAJASALO, Ph.D (Medical biomaterials)
R&D Director & Co-founder
+358 40 2136494

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PANU HENDOLIN, Ph.D. (Molecular medicine)
+358 40 7581994

Key features

See the criteria for each key feature and how we validate them.

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Biodegrades fully into CO2, water and biomass without leaving microplastics behind.
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The Sulapac straw is industrially compostable* according to EN 13432. (*Always check the local recycling instructions)
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Sustainable raw materials

Raw materials are sustainably sourced and the wood we use originates from industrial side streams. The plant-based content is maximized.
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The Straw material can be used with existing extrusion machinery, making sustainability an easy choice.
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Ocean safe

Mimicking nature; biodegrades fully in marine environment without harmful impact on ecosystem.
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Safe by design

The Sulapac Straw is safe for people and the environment.
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