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Reusable plastic tableware has its advantages: they are durable and lightweight. Some are also dishwasher and microwave proof. However, they are a source of persistent microplastics and potentially harmful chemicals – something you don’t want to think of when preparing your picnic lunch or porridge for your baby. Sulapac provides a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic in tableware and kitchen utensils, which has all the benefits of plastic while being safe for people and the planet.

✔ 100% bio-based
✔ Low carbon footprint
✔ Recyclable by design
✔ Dishwasher and microwave safe
✔ Beautiful ceramic look and feel
✔ Food contact compliant
✔ No persistent microplastics or toxic load


Beautiful and ecological material for everyday use


Kitchenware, Tableware, Dinnerware to go

Sulapac Solid is a sustainable injection molding material ideal for kitchenware used on a daily basis, such as plates, mugs, bowls and containers. It has high impact strength and it is dishwasher1 and microwave safe. To create heat resistant products (HDT-B 130 °C), the mold temperature needs to be 100°C minimum.2

The material contains 100% USDA certified biobased content. Sulapac Solid has low carbon footprint3, and it is certified as industrially compostable by BPI4. It doesn’t leave persistent microplastics or toxic load behind5.

The unique combination of raw materials: responsibly sourced biodegradable biopolymers and naturally occurring clay minerals, gives Sulapac Solid its beautiful ceramic look and feel, even sound, that makes it stand out. Sulapac Solid meets the EU and FDA requirements for food contact materials6. The material has been verified as chemically recyclable.7

The material is available in multiple colors, contact our sales to find out more!

1Material is suitable for repeated use as per European Commission regulation (EU) No 10/2011. Dishwashability tested according to EN 12875 standard with a minimum of 125 washing cycles.

2The heat resistance of the end product is dependent on the geometry and the manufacturing process of the product. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the end product to test and validate the maximum usage temperature and optimize the manufacturing process.

30,57 kg CO2 eq/kg based on cradle-to-gate LCA performed by an independent third-party consultancy (biogenic carbon included).

4The compostability has been tested up to the thickness of 150μm according to BPI (ASTM D6400). As the compostability of an end product is also dependent on the geometry of product, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the end product to ensure compliance with the regulations.

5Relative biodegradation of 77,3% in 420 days in simulated marine environment test (ASTM D6691 86 °F/30 °C) using natural sea water. Not considered biodegradable in California

6Restrictions and specifications of use apply, please refer to the relevant Declaration of Compliance for further information.

7Chemical recyclability verified with LOOPLA technology.

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