21.08.2019 2 min read

Two years in a row: Sulapac titled again one of the hottest startups in Europe by Wired UK

Sulapac has made it again on...

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03.06.2019 5 min read

Solving the Macro Problem of Microplastics

Toothpaste, salmon, sparkling water. You tick the items off your shopping...

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24.04.2019 6 min read

Plastic waste: How a solution became a problem, and how to fix it

The world’s plastic crisis has recently yielded new developments in...

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21.02.2019 2 min read

Sulapac won WorldStar packaging competition

Sulapac has won WorldStar Award with Kohinoor jewellery packaging...

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04.12.2018 3 min read

Sulapac, the multi-awarded Finnish start-up, welcomes Chanel as an investor

Sulapac, a Finnish company listed among the top-100 hottest...

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04.12.2018 4 min read

Stora Enso and startup Sulapac have joined forces to develop renewable and biodegradable straws

Stora Enso and Sulapac continue to combat the global problem...

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06.08.2018 2 min read

Sulapac won Scanstar packaging competition

Sulapac has won Scanstar award with Kohinoor jewellery packaging...

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04.06.2018 4 min read

Fazer beginning co-operation with Sulapac

Fazer and Sulapac have begun collaborating, with the aim of...

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22.05.2018 2 min read

Stora Enso accelerates growth in renewable materials by co-operating with the start-up Sulapac

Stora Enso and Sulapac have signed a joint development agreement...

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14.05.2018 2 min read

Significant new investors to Sulapac

Mika Ihamuotila and Planvest Oy have invested in the company in...

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14.02.2018 2 min read

Naviter chooses Sulapac ecological packaging for its natural cosmetics range

Sulapac’s unique fully biodegradable eco-designed packaging has been...

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30.01.2018 3 min read

Sulapac begins cooperation with leading Finnish jewellery company Kultakeskus

Sulapac, creator of ecological packaging materials for cosmetics and...

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