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Joint by the spirit of sustainable Christmas – Seasons greetings from Sulapac and Luv North

Luv North is a sustainability driven jewelry brand concentrating on Finnish quality and craftsmanship. This holiday season Luv North delights its customers with a Christmas present packed in a Sulapac jewelry box.

The latest Luv North collection has been designed by Maryam Razavi and is called The Universe In You. Showcased with a Sulapac jewelry box in Warm Granite.

Luv North creates sustainable jewelry, designed and crafted in Finland for everyone who shares their values of integrity, community, and respect. Their beautiful pieces are made of recycled silver and gold and designed to last.

It’s no coincidence that many Finnish brands have such a strong focus on sustainability and mention nature as their source of inspiration. Finland is the country of a thousand lakes, snowy forests and the world’s largest archipelago. Nature is present in our every-day lives even in the most urban areas.

Besides respect for nature and strive for sustainability, Luv North shares our emphasis on transparency and quality.

“By openly disclosing the material information and production process we help consumers make informed decision whether it comes to quality, environmental friendliness or ethical manufacture”, says Laura Paananen, Founder of Luv North.

This Christmas Luv North surprises its customers with a set of earrings packed in a biobased and compostable* Sulapac jewelry box.

During the third week of December Luv North will gift a pair of earrings packed in a Sulapac box to the first thirty customers purchasing The Sun necklace by Maryam Razavi. The sustainable, beautiful and durable Sulapac jewelry box in color Warm Granite was chosen as the perfect fit with Luv North’s brand identity.

“It’s always a pleasure to see our material come to life in a beautiful context”, says Noora Nyländen, Communications Manager at Sulapac.

With this little holiday campaign we hope to spark inspiration in other like-minded brands and consumers alike – and of course, spread some Christmas spirit”, she adds with a smile. As part of the collaboration Sulapac raffles one The Sun necklace in silver among its Instagram followers. Guidelines for participation will be shared in a dedicated Instagram post.


Visit Luv North online to explore their story and products. For additional holiday gift ideas, check out our Christmas blog!

If you got interested in our jewelry boxes or manufacturing with Sulapac materials, send us a contact request!

*Industrially compostable according to EN 13432. Please check local recycling instructions.


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