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Noora Nylanden 03.12.2020 3 min

Leader Foods presents the first in the world food supplement range packed in Sulapac®

Vida Kuulas, a new product line by the Finnish health food and diet supplement manufacturer Leader Foods is leading the way in sustainability with its 100% bio-based and compostable packaging. 

Vida Kuulas is a food supplement range made in Finland, inspired by nature. The new product line, packed in sustainable Sulapac containers, was launched in October in a press event featuring many of the front-line Finnish health & wellness influencers.

“I’m extremely proud and happy to see a Finnish brand launching a product line in Sulapac packaging as the first in the world in this sector”, said Ami Rubinstein, Sulapac Deputy CEO in his speech at the event. “Bold forerunners, like Leader Foods, are a crucial piece in a puzzle when it comes to saving the world from plastic waste”, Rubinstein adds.

Vida Kuulas was introduced to lifestyle journalists and wellness influencers in Wintergarden this Fall.

Leader Foods wants to empower people to always make healthy choices in their everyday lives by providing convenient, tasty and nutritious products.

Vida Kuulas sets the future direction for the development of natural vitamins and health products”, says Sari Iija, brand manager at Leader Foods. Vida Kuulas is an uncompromising and refined product line based on responsibility, absolute professionalism and natural ingredients to satisfy the true needs of consumers.

Vida Kuulas is based on natural ingredients and comes in 100% bio-based Sulapac packaging.

The responsibility of Vida Kuulas is not limited to a carefully considered product, but the Kuulas capsules also come in nature-friendly packages. ”We want to help fight the global plastic waste problem, which is why we chose Sulapac® as the packaging material”, Iija explains.

The 100% biodegradable container consists of renewable raw materials; it is safe for both people and the planet. The packaging can be recycled via industrial composting (Please check local recycling instructions). There are also many ways to reuse the jar after its initial function, click here for some fun and useful tips!

Sulapac is "an elegant alternative to traditional plastic”, outlines Leader Foods on their product page. 

Sulapac is not only sustainable, but also a beautiful and functional material. ”For us it’s foremost important that our customers, who are willing to make truly responsible choices, do not need to compromise quality or premium customer experience. On the contrary: Sulapac adds a touch of exclusivity to the product while communicating our customers’ environmental values in a concrete way”, says Rubinstein.


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