Sustainable by design

When Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen looked around their bathrooms, they both saw the same thing: a problem. Aware of the ever-growing amounts of single-use plastic that fills our lives and seas, they set out to find a solution.

As biochemists specializing in biomaterials, Suvi and Laura came up with a natural, sustainable and beautiful alternative to plastic.

Sulapac® is a biodegradable and microplastic-free material made entirely from renewable sources and FSC-certified wood. Plastic manufacturers can use the material with their existing machinery.

People behind Sulapac

We have innovated a fully biodegradable and microplastic-free material which has the benefits of plastic without the waste problem of it. We offer two ways of being part of this material revolution with us.

Suvi has a PhD in biomaterials and is the key person in fund raising and building a world-class team of passionate professionals.

Suvi Haimi

CEO, Co-founder

Laura has a PhD in biomaterials and is the key person developing the patented biomaterial recipe and technology.

Laura Kyllönen

CTO, Co-founder

Antti has experience in more than 20 wood composite break-through products and their commercialization. He is a co-founder of Onbone & Woodio which operates in 35 countries.

Antti Pärssinen

Technology & Innovation

Antti has 15+ years of experience in leadership positions on global marketing from companies like Telia AB and F-Secure Corporation.

Antti Valtonen

Marketing & Communications

Imran has 10+ years of experience in delivering results for IoT and Clean Technology scale-up companies such as Tieto in the US and Europe.

Imran Ahmed

Sales & Partnerships

Ari has 15+ years experience in production management and efficiency in international companies like Borealis Polymers & Outotec.

Ari Koistinen


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