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Noora Nylanden 16.04.2020 4 min

Sulapac customers leading the way with sustainable packaging

The cosmetic industry has a very special place in the Sulapac story. The Sulapac® material innovation was first introduced to the world in the form of cosmetic packaging. The beautiful jar won several awards and quickly caught the attention of many pioneering brands in the industry. Today the world’s leading luxury house Chanel is one of our investors and there are dozens of amazing cosmetic brands around the world using Sulapac packaging. These companies are our champions leading the way towards a plastic waste-free tomorrow.

Need for sustainable packaging

The idea of a wood-based, biodegradable cosmetic packaging was born in an every-day setting. In the middle of their beauty routines, Suvi and Laura, the co-founders of Sulapac, noticed the same disturbing thing: their bathrooms were loaded with plastic. The realization, that even the sustainability-driven organic cosmetic brands packed their products in conventional plastic, didn’t feel right. Why should the packaging last for hundreds of years, if the product inside will be consumed within a year?


From an awarded innovation into a widely used product

The first hand-polished Sulapac jar was introduced in 2017 and greeted with enthusiasm. The fully biodegradable, yet luxurious Sulapac jar was selected as the Best Green Packaging Solution at the LUXE PACK in Green Awards and won the Sustainable Beauty Award in 2017 to name a few acknowledgements. Yet, the most valued achievement to us is the trust of our clients.

Thanks to the high demand, our offering was extended into a collection of mass-producible cosmetic containers available in several colors and sizes. The Sulapac Nordic Collection jars are used by brands in Europe, the US and Canada.


Okanagan Lavender & Herb farm was the first cosmetic company in the Northern America using Sulapac Packaging. They produce natural products “in a way that is good for the body, the earth and the soul.”


To make sure we can cater for the growing number of brands who have chosen Sulapac or who want to make the switch, we launched a cooperation with Quadpack, a leading European provider of cosmetic packaging. Quadpack has been providing the Sulapac Nordic Collection products since December 2019 as our Global Preferred Cosmetic Packaging Partner.


Our amazing customers

Our very first customers have been cosmetic brands focusing on organic skincare. As a sustainable, bio-based and organically recyclable material, Sulapac is a natural choice for companies with ecological values. Sulapac packaging doesn’t release microplastics or harmful chemicals during use or end-of-life, which makes it ideal for companies who want to tackle the chemical load that we are all exposed to.


The ecological values of Luoto Cosmetics are reflected in their packaging choices. The image showcases their Lavender&resin cream packed in a 30ml Sulapac jar.


High quality and premium customer experience are also attributes that can be attached to our cosmetic customers. With the beautiful wood chips, a ceramic sound and haptic touch, the Sulapac jars are unlike any other packaging. Our customers have unique products, with carefully selected ingredients, crafted with passion. We are happy that we can provide them the packaging they deserve.


Niki Newd is a Finnish artisanal cosmetic brand providing natural skin care without additives, preservatives, alcohol or synthetic ingredients. Their travel set features an oatmeal soap inside a Sulapac soap case.


For many of our customers, Sulapac is a way to support their mission and values, to stay in the frontline of sustainability. Together with our customers, and their customers, we inspire and accelerate a plastic waste-free tomorrow. Will you join us?


Driven by love for the wild, Alpine Shrine provides premium skincare for eco-conscious adventurers while promoting a waste-free lifestyle.


Find more cosmetic brands who have joined our mission:


Sulapac® is a wood-based material innovation inspired by Nordic nature. It is a lot like plastic, yet it biodegrades fully without leaving microplastics behind. As a premium material that is safe and circular by design, Sulapac® is ideal for quality driven brands with genuine commitment to sustainability. Plastic product manufacturers can use Sulapac® with their existing machinery making sustainability an easy choice. The company was founded in 2016 by Suvi Haimi and Laura Tirkkonen-Rajasalo and is based in Helsinki, Finland. Sulapac has been ranked one of the 100 hottest startups in Europe by WIRED UK both in 2018 and 2019. Join our mission to save the world from plastic waste!

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