Designed Like Nature

Nature knows best. That’s why we design Sulapac materials to mimic the beauty, usability and circularity of nature.

Sustainable raw materials

Made from sustainably sourced raw materials including wood from industrial side streams.

No microplastic accumulation

Biodegrades fully without leaving permanent microplastics behind.


Biodegrades in a similar time scale as a piece of wood in nature.


The bio-based content is maximized


Premium look and feel. Outstanding usability.


The material can be used with existing plastic product machinery.


Low carbon footprint according to lifecycle analysis.


Recyclable via industrial composting* (EN 13432).
*Check detailed recycling instructions with local waste management authority.

Solid barrier properties

Guaranteed stability times for oil-based formulas.


Products have unique 3D appearance and ceramic feel.


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. REACH and Proposition 65 compliant.

Full of Possibilities. Like Nature.

Use the Sulapac® materials in your existing manufacturing process to start making sustainable products that don't compromise on quality or aesthetics. You can also browse our selection of ready-made products, including the Sulapac® straw.

Sulapac® material

Sulapac® straw and material

The sustainable straw with outstanding usability

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Universal material for injection molding

A drop-in solution for most production lines and molds

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Premium material for injection molding

The luxurious choice with unique look and feel

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Sulapac® packaging

A collection of eco-friendly premium packaging

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The sustainable straw with outstanding usability

As part of our mission to tackle the global plastic waste problem, we are introducing ‘the straw without compromise’. The Sulapac straw is bio-based and biodegrades fully without leaving permanent microplastics behind. Yet it comes with outstanding usability. The straw doesn’t get soggy and can be used up to 24 hours.

The Sulapac straw is mass-producible and complies with the European food contact material legislation.

If a Sulapac straw accidentally ends up in the ocean, it doesn’t harm the ecosystem, as naturally occurring micro-organisms can digest it into CO2, water and biomass.

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Replace your traditional plastic material and start mass-producing truly sustainable products with minimal investment. Universal material is designed to fit to existing production lines and moulds. It is suitable for rigid products such as jars and clothing hangers. Technical specification and easy processing instructions are available in the technical datasheet. Just order a trial pack and get started!

Universal material is made from wood and plant-based binders. This 100% bio-based material biodegrades fully without leaving permanent microplastics behind. The preferred recycling method is industrial composting.

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The Sulapac Premium material makes your products look and feel luxurious. The material has large wood chips visible with a haptic touch. The ceramic sound makes it even more unique. It is ideal for sustainable products that aim for that exclusive feel.

The material is processable with existing injection molding machinery. For optimal compatibility, the production settings, from mold selection to nozzle size, must be validated by Sulapac experts.

Premium material is made from wood and plant-based binders. This 100% bio-based material biodegrades fully without leaving permanent microplastics behind. The preferred recycling method is industrial composting. Sulapac Premium Plus recipe has the Seedling certificate.

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The Sulapac® packaging solutions will wow your customers with their unique look and feel and sustainable design.

The Sulapac® Nordic Collection by Quadpack features jars in sizes of 15ml, 30ml and 50ml. The customizable collection is available in 9 colours inspired by Nordic nature. The Nordic Collection products are all 100% bio-based. They can be recycled via industrial composting and biodegrade fully without leaving permanent microplastics behind.

Since 2019 Quadpack has been our Preferred Global Cosmetic Packaging Partner. The partnership provides you access to a wide range of innovative cosmetic packaging solutions with broad capacity of customisation.

The square-shaped jewelry box and the 200ml jar in Snow White are available directly from Sulapac.

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Sustainable alternative to conventional plastic

Sulapac® is a patented material innovation that combines sustainability, functionality and aesthetics in a unique way.

sulapac premium

Carbon footprint

Renewable raw materials





pp (plastic)

hd-pe (plastic)

bio-pe (plastic)

r-pet (plastic)

pla (plastic)

Carbon footprint is CO2ekv./ 1 kg of converted product material. CML2001 -Jan 2016- impact assessment method was used in the cradle-to-gate screening LCA-analysis. Analysis performed by an independent third party consultancy for Sulapac Premium Plus recipe. The study has not been critically reviewed.

A brief guide on compostability

Sulapac is recyclable via industrial composting. Read our brief guide on compostability covering the process and its benefits, standardization, the compostability testing of Sulapac, and the communication of the compostability claim.

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